Northcrown Property

Ethical and historical urban rehabilitation.



Our mission is to foster smart, ethically sound and historically sensitive development and rehabilitation in urban cores.


Construction costs, and their relationship to quality are the key factor in a projects success. In order to keep a highly competitive cost structure while also ensuring great results, we keep all construction management and some design in-house. Furthermore we are very purposeful in our materials sourcing and source globally for high quality materials such as hardwoods, tile and stone at a fraction of local costs.


“We see opportunities where others see problems.”

JAmes fIsher  |  Founder


Our Story.

In 2012 James Fisher moved to Cincinnati from the U.K. inspired by the unique architectural stock in the urban core.

Thanks to a family background in historic renovation James set out to find a project he could get his teeth into in his spare time, while launching his travel startup, Roadtrippers.

In late 2012 James secured the then-abandoned Crown Brewery building in northern OTR. James and his wife Tatiana moved into the building (initially without even power or water) and began many late nights and weekends making the building habitable. Sweat equity they call it!

Tony Alexander joined the company as a founding partner shortly after, followed by Charlie Key and Brandon Cannaday - all successful local startup entrepreneurs. Growing the partnership allowed for the acquisition of neighboring property and the gradual acceleration of construction.

Over the years the Crown Brewery building evolved from an abandoned liability to a bustling center of activity on a corner of OTR forgotten by other developers. The Crown now houses a large office for around 70 employees of TH2, three loft apartments, a furniture retailer, and soon a new bar.

In 2018 Chip Heidt joined the company as a partner and we brought on Jeremy Moore as General Manager to form Northcrown. A fund was established to acquire and develop a number of properties surrounding The Crown Brewery and expand our operations using the expertise and team built up with the initial projects. Charlie Rittgers joined the company in 2019 as a partner as Brandon Cannaday left the company to focus on other ventures.

As of now Northcrown Property owns 57,000 sq ft of mixed use buildings, all in the Brewery District. We keep construction management in-house and use global sourcing to enable large cost savings while still achieving high quality and historically sensitive results.

Northcrown is actively assessing further property for the establishment of future funds.