Our Impact.

We are committed to creating meaningful, positive impact to the areas we operate in.

EcOnomic activity

Our first project, The Crown Brewing Co. has been responsible for over $40M of economic activity -in an area then avoided by most other businesses- both directly and through its partnership with Roadtrippers and later, TH2.

community support

AT our 64 E McMicken location we offer a 100% subsidized space for the Wesley Chapel group to offer after school programs to support the education of local kids. We believe this is a vital support structure for the youth in our community.

We also aim to offer six apartments to at risk groups who need a fresh start. We are seeking the right partner to help operate this.

Brewery district

We have long been a supporter of the OTR Brewery District CURC and all proceeds from tours of our buildings go directly to them.

We also co-sponsored the well known mural intended as the ‘gateway to the brewery district’.

grant park

We are an advocate for the redevelopment of
Grant Park, which has the potential to reinvigorate much of the surrounding community.